Fallout 4 Guide: How to Forward Time and use the Wait function

Playing through previous Fallouts one of the features I used the most was the wait, rest or forward time function (depending on what you like to call it) that had time to go by quickly allowing players to forward time to the exact minute they want during the day. In Fallout 4, unlike previous games you can’t simply forward time by pressing a button as Bethesda has changed the functionality a bit.

In Fallout 4 to forward time players have to use a bench, chair or bed which will give them a ‘Wait’ option. Personally not a fan of this new ‘Wait’ function as it required you be near a chair or bed to forward time while in previous Fallout games you could do it anywhere as long as there wen’t any enemies around. Don’t worry though as you can find an ample supply of furniture nearby unless you’re out in the middle of the Wasteland. You can also build furniture if you’re near a workshop, given that you have the required materials.


If you’re new to the Fallout series and wondering where this feature comes in handy then it’s really useful when waiting for shops to open or just simply when you’re too scared to hunt Deathclaws in the night.

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Resting for a certain amount of hours in Fallout 4 will also give players a ‘Well Rested’ park which basically gives you bonus experience for a while. Having fun playing Fallout 4 so far? Or having any problems? Let’s discuss   the games in comments below!

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