Fallout 4 Guide: How To Get Cryolater Gun From Vault 111 Early Using Dogmeat

Fallout 4 has a powerful weapon available quite early in the game. This weapon can be accessed after getting unlocking the skills necessary for your companion to pick Master Locks but if you don’t want to wait for them, you can easily try to use a a short cut and get it once you have access to your companion “Dogmeat” in the game.

After you are done with the intro in Fallout 4, which will take a while, you will be able to locate a locked item box near the entrance of Vault 111. This item box contain Cryolater gun, which is a pretty good gun early in the game. Since you won’t be able to unlock the item box at that point, you have to leave Vault 111 but don’t worry as we will be coming back to it soon.


You can head to the Red Rocket gas station to find Dogmeat there. He will join your party and once he is in the party, you can return back to Vault 111 with Dogmeat and ask him to ‘Fetch” and then select the ‘Item’ box that is locked with the weapon gun. You can locate this item box in the room next to the Overseer’s office. Dogmeat will be able to open the lock and access the weapon, giving you an earlier than intended access to the Cryolater gun.

Fallout 4 is out now for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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