Fallout 4: Here’s How To Toggle Multithreading On PC And Improve Performance

Fallout 4 users might face some performance issues on PC resulting in inconsistent performance for the game. It turns out that one of the issue regarding performance relates to the disabled multithreading for Fallout 4, even if we manually tweak the ini file. There is another way to enable multithreading though, and that can be accomplished by using console commands on PC.

If you still haven’t used console commands for Fallout 4 on PC, you can bring them up by pressing the ~(tilde) key on your keyboard.

For multithreading, you need to type the following commands.

  • tMta ON
  • tMtrdfl ON
  • tMtr ppld

Alternatively, you can go to the main Fallout 4 installation directory on your PC and create a new .txt file and paste the above listed commands in there. Name the .txt file what you want and then launch the game on PC. Once you have launched the game, you need to open the console and type bat “text file name” where the text file name is the one which you just saved in the Fallout 4 directory.


There are a couple other tips to optimize the game on PC including the following.

  • SAM 1 – Enables multithreading for Audio
  • SAPE 0 – Turns off ambient particles
  • TOCC – Turns off occlusion counter
  • TDOQM – turns off dynamic onject query manager
  • thighprocess on – Turns multithreading for AI

Hopefully these commands can optimize the game for those who have issues running it on their PC.

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