Fallout 4 Has Several Game Crashing Bugs On PC, PS4 and Xbox One

Fallout 4 players have discovered several serious game crashing bugs on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. These bugs occur randomly when the players start some specific quests or reach a certain point in the game. There are some quests that can crash the game but thankfully workaround has been found for them on PC using Console Commands.

These quests include Shadow of Steel, Hunter/Hunted, Kidnapping from Greentop Nursery, Silver Shroud Quest, Quartermastery, Cleansing the Commonwealth, Nuclear Option, Boston after Dark, Battle of Bunker Hill and Rockets’ Red Glare. Unfortunately there are still some quests that have no workaround like Ad Victoriam.

To avoid these crashes, you can also try to reload your earlier save before the crashing point. The quests that can be skipped can be avoided while Bethesda prepares a patch for them.

If you are playing on PC and can’t wait for a patch, you can try to use the workaround for each of the quest listed above using the Console Commands on PC. All of the methods can be found on the official Fallout 4 forums.

Fallout 4 launched with a day 1 patch on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One. This is the only patch that Bethesda Softworks have released so far but judging from the post-launch bugs and glitches, they definitely have to work on fixing a lot of these issues with another patch.


Fallout 4 is available on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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