Fallout 4 themed cars headed to Forza 6

Forza 6 Coming September 15, Shown off At E3

Microsoft is bringing a special surprise for fans of Forza 6 and Fallout 4, two of the year’s biggest Xbox One releases this Fall. To celebrate Fallout 4’s release later this month on November 10, all those who own Forza 6 will receive a Fallout 4 themed version of the 1956 Ford F100 in-game car starting from today. This car is absolutely free, provided that you’ve played Forza 6 on your Xbox Live account.


But that’s not all – for a limited time, all players of Fallout 4 on Xbox One will also receive the super sleek Chryslus Rocket 69 coupe in Forza 6.


A video showing the Fallout 4 themed 1956 Ford F100 can be seen in action in the video below.

[youtube width=”602″ height=”350″ video_id=”xtC03CnbMKM”]

Fans had always asked Bethesda Game Studios if it’ll be possible to drive Fallout 4’s cars. According to the game’s director, Todd Howard, the answer is finally yes – in Forza 6.

At present, Bethesda doesn’t plan on including Xbox One exclusive content in Fallout 4. However, given how Fallout 4 themed cars made their way in Forza 6, it’s likely that we may eventually see some Xbox franchise themed in-game goodies in the post-apocalyptic realm of Fallout 4. The Master Chief’s battle rifle, anyone?

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