Fallout 76: All Treasure Maps Location Guide On World Map

Fallout 76 treasure maps can be found throughout the open wasteland so here is a nice guide for all treasure maps location.

It can get tricky to find all of these treasure maps on your own, and since they contain valuables, they do have a certain importance especially for those who have the completionist bug in them.

Fallout 76: All Treasure Maps Location Guide On World Map

Credit for this guide goes to Reddit user dulfy. Here is what he has shared regarding the various treasure maps and their location all over Appalachia.

  • It is recommended you do them at level 50 as they can give max level loot
  • If you have multiple copies of the same map, you can dig the same spot as many times as you got the maps for
  • You must have a map for that treasure location to be able to dig the mound.
  • Maps can be found from containers and corpses of enemies (especially the ones with crowns symbols I find)
  • Loot for the most part isn’t very amazing – same loot as your standard event – some plans, some armor, weapons, ammo. I didn’t get a legendary weapons/armor off my maps but could be just RNG.

To get all the maps, we recommend to check out his post on the Fallout 76 subreddit. He has also shared a location of all the treasure maps on his website so you can have a much better idea of where to look from there.

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Fallout 76 is available now on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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