Fallout 76 ATOM Shops Prices Are Getting Absurd Leading To Backlash By Fans

Fallout 76 has an in-game shop to let you buy cosmetics and other customization items with a currency called ATOMs. It has been out for a while now, but as new items are releasing on the shop, fans are noticing an increased trend of a high price for them.

In a lengthy post on the Fallout 76 subreddit, a user talked about his experience with the ATOM Shop prices and explained how it is all absurd in concept. They can cost as much as $20 USD for a costume which is essentially the price of the season pass for Fallout 4 that also includes a major For Harbor story expansion.

You can earn ATOMs in-game but they are usually hard to come by, while the price of the items that are available in the shop to buy are high enough that there will be no choice but to spend some real-life money in order to buy more ATOMs for them.

The price of each new item that is added to the shop is slowly increasing with time and a new special Santa outfit was priced at $20, which prompted this outrage.

Bethesda Softworks is taking the feedback of fans and simply responded with “we will make sure it gets passed along to the proper folks.”

Time will tell if they take the feedback seriously or just ignore it altogether, but they do listen if there is enough noise among fans, so hopefully, they adjust the price of the in-game economy so it feels more fair and fewer microtransactions heavy like it is in the current state.

Fallout 76 is available now for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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