Fallout 76 Beta Players Are Forced To Download Another 48 GB New Update

Fallout 76 Beta users are complaining about forcing to download a new 48 GB update on the Xbox One despite pre-loading the Beta ahead of its launch.

Fallout 76 Beta is available to pre-load now on the Xbox One, however, the servers won’t go live until October 23. The download size for this Beta test is 44 GB on the Xbox One. It is essentially the full game and the progress that you make in the Beta will carry over to the final release.

Despite downloading this Beta early as the pre-load, Bethesda Softworks has released another new update today for Fallout 76 that seems to require another 46 GB of data to be downloaded ahead of the server launch. It was spotted on Reddit and it appears that you have to launch the Beta in an attempt to trigger the update, in case there is no download happening for the Beta test.

Currently, there is nothing known about this strange new update. The server will go live on October 23 so this appears to be a couples day early. As for the PS4 and PC Beta test, it will be available on October 30.

Fallout 76 will officially launch on November 14 for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. It also recently held a stress test for the Xbox One which led to the alleged ban of one Xbox Insider member due to leaking footage despite NDA.

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