Fallout 76 Beta on PC facing client issues, re-downloading the game

Fallout 76 Beta is currently facing issues on PC where the Bethesda PC client would re-download the game.

Developer Bethesda has acknowledged the issue claiming that they’re currently working on a fix.

Fallout 76 Beta PC players who pre-loaded the game were shocked to find the Bethesda client re-downloading the game as if no data was downloaded when they opened up the client today. The client is also showing the game servers to be offline, which should have gone up ahead of the beta start.

Fallout 76 Beta PC players are still wondering if the they can recover the data to avoid downloading over 50GB of data again, with the Beta at the time of writing about to start in under half an hour.

As Bethesda noted do not click on any settings or buttons in the client for a chance to recover the data.

Fallout 76 releases on PC, Xbox One and PS4 on November 14, 2018. For the time being do check out the Fallout 76 Beta Times so you don’t miss a session.

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