What to do when your Fallout 76 Camp Disappears

There’s a new bug reported by players where your Fallout 76 Camp Disappeared, this article goes over why that happened and how to fix it.

Camps in Fallout 76 are highly customizable to its very annoying to say the least when your hard work goes to waste when a pesky bug ruins that for you. If you spent a lot of time creating it and can’t find your Camp, then don’t worry as you haven’t lost all your collected items and resources.

Why the Fallout 76 Camp Disappears

Many wouldn’t call it a bug but I highly doubt this is by design by developers Bethesda. The reason your Fallout 76 Camp Disappears is because of how the game stores location data I’m guessing.

The problem is stemmed from when you log out of the game, as many other players are also likely to set up camps in the same or nearby areas.

How to get your Fallout 76 Camp Back

Luckily your camp will be saved and can be found in your “stored” item section. You can access your camp there, set it as a new camp, and go on from there. Unfortunately this does not save all your arrangements, so you’ll have to set up your camps again. Once again I really doubt Bethesda intended this and hopefully they fix it in a future update.

Did you have trouble accessing your Fallout 76 camp? Let us know if this article helped in the comments below.

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