Fallout 76 Controversial Canvas Bag Was Actually Given For Free To Influencers

Bethesda Softworks advertised the Fallout 76 Power Armor edition with a Canvas bag but the final product shipped with Nylon. This has now caused a stir among the community, however, the Canvas bag was actually made for Fallout influencers.

Around a month before the launch of Fallout 76, Bethesda Softworks invited a set of media personnel and influencers to an event at Greenbrier hotel. This was a promo event by Bethesda Softworks ahead of the release of Fallout 76 and its beta version. It resulted in hours of gameplay footage from the game making its way online.

Now this all might seem normal but fast forward to the release of the game and those who spent nearly $200 on the Power Armor edition felt ripped off after finding out that instead of getting the Canvas bag, they instead received Nylon. Bethesda also approached this whole situation in a terrible way by telling those who bought this special edition that they can’t get them the Canvas bag, and offered a small amount of in-game currency as compensation for their error.

Going back to the Fallout Greenbrier promo event, any influencer that attended it was given a Canvas bag as seen in videos made by influencers. This bag was made by Bethesda for the marketing of the game but they couldn’t use the same material to give out to all the Power Edition owners, even though they kept advertising it as such, which shows bad practice on their part. Even if it is not the same bag technically, it does add a little salt to the wounds of those who purchased the Power Armor edition

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