Fallout 76 Hacking Guide

Fallout 76 Hacking is pivotal to the game, we’ll go over the basics you need to know when trying to hack terminals in the game.

With the new Perk Cards system, Fallout 76’s Hacking mechanic may be a bit confusing to new comers and veterans alike. 76 introduces a new variant of the SPECIAL system which may have you questions How to Hack in Fallout 76 and How to upgrade your Hacking Perk in Fallout 76. Don’t worry as this articles explains all of those and more.

You’ll unlock the Hacker Perk in Fallout 76 at Level 5, which shouldn’t you take very long. After you unlock it you’ll have to equip it in your Intelligence slot. Like the previous games, Hacking in Fallout 76 has three levels; Standard, Expert and Master.

The base Hacker Perk allows you to hack Level 1 Terminals, Expert Hackers will allow you to hack Level 2 Terminals and finally Master Hacker allows you to hack Level 3 terminals. All you need to do is equip the perk to start hacking away at those pesky Terminals.

The mini-game is just the same as previous games in the series but this time its in real-time so you can get damaged while hacking. The Fallout 76 Hacking Mini-game will start when you attempt to hack a Computer Terminal and will display some jumbled up text, numbers and symbols on the display. You have to find the correct keyword which will get longer as the tougher the terminal is. The numbers of tries you have before the Terminal locks itself will be displayed on the screen so keep that in mind. The more letters of the word you selected were correct will be mentioned, so better keep attentive.

That’s it, have any other questions regarding Hacking in Fallout 76? Let us know in the comments.

Fallout 76 is out now on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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