Fallout 76 Update Version 1.23 Full Patch Notes (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

Fallout 76 update version 1.23 is available to download now on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Here are the full patch notes for this brand new update which is out today.

Fallout 76 update 1.23 today implements a sizeable list of adjustments and fixes to Adventure Mode and Nuclear Winter. The highlights of this update include Power Armor Improvements, a makeover for the Item descriptions, Nuclear Winter balance changes, and implementation of better experiences for new players.

Fallout 76 update 1.23 is out now so here is a list of the patch notes for the general gameplay and bug fixes.

Fallout 76 Update Version 1.23 Full Patch Notes (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

Art and Graphics

  • Power Armor: A new animation plays upon entering Power Armor from a Power Armor Station.

Atomic Shop

  • Featured Screen Rework: The Atomic Shop’s Featured Screen has received a face lift. Many more items and offers will now appear at once, making it easier to see the current set of featured items at a glance.
  • Basic Repair Kits: When purchasing Basic Repair Kits, players can now select which character they’d like to receive them.

C.A.M.P., Crafting, and Workshops

  • Bulk Junk: The “Scrap All Junk” option no longer automatically scraps Bulk Junk at Workbenches. Bulk Junk will continue to be automatically scrapped for necessary components while Crafting or Repairing.
  • Punch Bowl: Party on! Players can once again add alcohol to, or drink alcohol from, Punch Bowls.
  • .44 Pistol: Nuclear Material has been replaced by Gears in the crafting requirements for all .44 Pistol mods except the Prime Receiver.
  • Ski Sword: The crafting requirements for the Skate Mod have been reduced and the Makeshift Warrior Perk requirement has been removed.

Design and Gameplay

  • Loot: Legendary items dropped as loot by a legendary enemy will now appear much quicker on that enemy’s corpse.
  • Loot: Deathclaws now have a chance to drop Deathclaw Hides on death.
  • Loot: Acid can now drop as loot when killing Cave Crickets.
  • Respawn: Dying in an interior location, such as The Burrows, now automatically respawns players near where they entered that location in most cases.
  • Spoilage: All raw Food items and Fluxes now last 50% longer before spoiling.
  • Spoilage: Fast Traveling no longer causes Food and Drinks to take Condition loss.
  • Stealth Boys: Can now be used while wearing Power Armor.

User Interface

  • Combat: A slight blurring effect now appears on screen when taking damage to better indicate that the character experiencing pain.
  • Item Descriptions: Additional information is now displayed in the menus for Legendary items, Mods, and Recipes.
    • When selecting a Legendary item in trade, vending, or container menus, all of its Legendary Attributes now appear instead of just the first.
    • When inspecting a Recipe or Mod the description for the resulting item now appears under the item’s name.
    • When selecting a Recipe or Mod in trade, vending, or container menus, the description for the resulting item now appears above the item’s stats.
  • Instruments: Players can now rotate the game camera while playing musical instruments.
  • Map: Improved Map marker ordering and selection to help address how icons are highlighted when several markers overlap each other on the Map.
  • Purveyor: Weapon and Armor model previews now appear in the Purveyor’s trade menu when browsing item categories.
  • Settings: An “Enable Power Armor HUD” option has been added to the Display settings, which can be toggled to decide whether to display the Power Armor HUD or the standard HUD while wearing Power Armor.
    • Disabling this setting will cause the Quick-Boy menu to display when viewing the Pip-Boy.

For further details on the update, check out the official patch notes shared by Bethesda Softworks.

Fallout 76 is available now for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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