Fallout Shelter: Upcoming Patch 1.2 Includes Survival Mode and Fallout 4 Character

Fallout Shelter has been one of the top downloadable game on iOS and Android since its release. The developer of the game, Bethesda Softworks, decided to make it even better with its latest patch.

Patch 1.2 adds a brand new Survival mode to the game, along with the addition of Fallout 4 character, Piper. There are other new things like lootable enemies, and a stranger who randomly appears to give you bottlecaps. Moreover, new Vault-Tec network has also been added to the game. This new network allows you to save your Vault online and then continue any Vault experiment on all of your devices.

The developer mentioned the complete stats about the popular game before the its release on Play Store. The stats are as follow:


The players in the game can also scavenge equipment from dead Raiders. Moreover, experienced players can now skip the tutorial mode and Vault Dweller’s Survival Guide (VDSG) has also been added to the statistics page in the game. The update also includes support for Russian-speaking players. The most important feature added in this update is the general maintenance to the Vault simulation.

The patch 1.2 will be released within a month on all Android and Apple devices.

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