Fans getting free Dragon Ball Xenoverse ‘Resurrection F’ Movie DLC pack

Japanese Dragon Ball Xenoverse fans recently got a free costume pack featuring costumes from the upcoming Resurrection F movie. The DLC was exclusive to the Japanese store since DLC tends to be region locked, so a Japanese DLC won’t work with a Region 1 (NA) or Region 2 (EU) game. Bandai Namco have now gone and released a costume pack for European and American owners of the Xenoverse as well.

The costume pack should not be confused with the third planned DLC pack which currently doesn’t have a release date yet.


The Movie DLC pack will include the following three costumes:

  • Whis Symbol Gi A.K.A Goku’s attire from the movie
  • Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Goku’s wig accessoryx
  • Whis Symbol Battle Suit, A.K.A Vegeta’s attire from the movie

Vegeta’s wig is mysteriously missing but you can’t really complain on a free thing. The pack is set to go live on Steam, Xbox Store and Playstation Network today i.e 5 of May for PC, Xbox and Playstation respectively.

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