Fans Launch #VoteVita Campaign To Bring Adventures of Mana And Other Games To Vita

PlayStation Vita might have not received much support from Sony and other third party developers but it has an active community of passionate fans that are still supporting the hardware after all these years.

If you have an interest in getting more Vita games and want to get your voice heard, you can fill out this survey asking developers/publishers to bring 4 different games to the Vita. The games included in this survey are Adventures of Mana, Gal Volt, Freedom Planet and Yakuza 0 Companion App.

Vote for Vita Survey

The fans have also launched a Twitter campaign for this purpose and you can follow their account on Twitter to get up-to-date information on the state of the campaign. It has already surpassed 500 votes but still has a long way to go before the publishers are convinced to bring their games.


According to the people behind this campaign, these four games are not the only one that are in consideration and they plan to extend the games lineup once the campaign receives more support. If you want to see this campaign succeed, it is best to vote in the survey and get your voices heard by the developers and publishers.

Let us know what you think about this new campaign in the comments below.

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