Far Cry 4: How to conquer the propaganda centres and complete the quests

Far cry 4 is an open world action-adventure first person shooter game. This is developed by Ubisoft and is the sequel to Far Cry 3 which was published in 2012. This guide will help you through the steps on how to destroy and conquer the 4 propaganda centers.

There are 4 propaganda centres listed below with their coordinates and the information required to overcome them. The basic procedure is the same; Kill all the enemies, destroy every equipment. The buildings holding the equipment to be destroyed are marked yellow on the map and a percentage marker shows the left equipment that is still to be destroyed.

Propaganda center 1 Coordinates: X:477 Y:322

On every location, as soon as you start to destroy the equipment, your cover would be immediately blown. However, use the hills beside the location to snipe down as many enemies as you can. Put mines on the roads leading to the location to tackle the soon to come enemy waves; when you start destroying the equipment. Take out the two main buildings one by one as they have the most equipment. Remember to pick up the C4, grenades and mines from the crates outside the buildings.

Then get to the radio tower on top of the hill and destroy it. Pick up the health pack and then blow up the black trucks. When you’re done destroying half the equipment, the first wave of reinforcements come; 3 ATVs and a truck from the road on the north. Use mines here before they come to help tackle them. When you’re almost done destroying the equipment, the second wave strikes from the south; comprising of the same vehicles. Use the same tactics to tackle them too.

Propaganda center 2 Coordinates: X:359 Y:577

This location has alot of terraced buildings packed near a mountain. Make sure to snipe enough enemies from the hills to make it easier. Most equipment is inside the building in the centre; mostly computers and printing machines and some boxes on the outside.

Make use of grenades rather than shooting to destroy most equipment as they are compact together. You’re almost halfway there now. The dirt road on the west will bring in reinforcements. Use the same tactics i.e plant mines before their arrival, to counter them.

Propaganda center 3 Coordinates: X:571 Y:778

Reach this location from the north to gain access to some good sniping spots. Take out the rocketeer first, then the sniper and then the heavy gunner. Try and take out as many guards as you can. Then the cabin on the north-eastern side would present you some equipment and also, take down the radio tower nearby.

Take the zipline to go down. Now blow all the equipment in the other building here. Place some C4 on the road near the scavengers to tackle the reinforcements that are gonna come in. Continue destroying until the next wave comes in; this includes some SUVs and a helicopter. Make use of a rocket launcher to destroy it.

Propaganda center 4 Coordinates: X:710 Y:709

This location has equipment spread out among many huts. You should snipe down the enemies to make it easier. Go in after you’ve sniped most of the enemies and then destroy the equipment one by one. Reinforcements come from the southern hills and the northern roads. Take care of them by planting some C4 and mines before they come.They have a helicopter with them so get your gear ready for it. Also, destroy as many vehicles as they’ll also count for some of the damage percentage you need to achieve.

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