Far Cry 4: Guide to Karma Events, Types and tips to counter

Far Cry 4 is a user interactive game that’s been amongst the top most played in the shooting genre. It has various anticipations to let the user have a craze more and more he plays it. The multiple conspicious activities it withholds also includes one- Karma Events.

Karma events are those random quests that can pop up around the world at any casual timings. It is indicated with a purple diamond on the map and by completing them you get an obvious Karma bump!

Types of Karma Events

Bomb Defusal
You need to kill a couple of enemies and then destroy their ammo crates that are wired to a bomb which you diffuse. But the caution here is, DONT GET SPOTTED! Or else the count down to the bomb explosion begins.

Kill the Courier
All you need to do here is take down the courier vehicle and then collect all the important documents or anything else that they’re carrying.

You kill a lieutenant in this quest – in whatever way you are willing to do so!

There are certain wild animals that are after the local’s flesh. Just kill the predator and you’re done!

Helping the Rebels
Go down to the spot where the rebels are fighting and just help the Golden Path win.

Hostage Rescues
There are 2 types of hostage rescues.

  • You have to rescue a hostage being carried through the jungle
  • You have to rescue a hostage being held at a location with men standing guard

In both the situations just kill the enemies and get the hostage. But in the latter, keep yourself hidden or you’ll get the hostage killed!

As always feel free to ask any questions you may have in the comments below.

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