Far Cry 4 Will Not Have A Split-Screen Co-Op Campaign Says Ubisoft

E3, 2014 held a lot of surprises and announcements. One of them being the next game of the super popular Far Cry series. Everyone who plays video games knows about the Far Cry series and it is a game that never disappoints. There were rumors about this game back in March and it has to be one of the worst kept secrets of the year. In May, Ubisoft officially announced Far Cry 4 and said that the game will be released on the 18th of November.

At E3, Ubisoft showed the fans some Far Cry 4 gameplay at the Sony Press Conference. The gameplay started off with the protagonist, Ajay Ghale, on a mission to destroy an enemy caravan. Things go south and Ajay has to escape in order to survive. Ajay jumps off a cliff, deploys his wing suit and glides down to a beautiful valley. There he gets to a enemy fortress which he has to infiltrate and capture. That’s when Ajay calls for back-up and we see another character on a mini helicopter who helps our character infiltrate the base and helps us by killing a few enemies as well.


This indicated a co-op campaign or at least a few co-op mission but fans wondered if players would be able to play these co-op missions on Split-Screen or will they only be able to play these missions online.

During the E3 Preview of Far Cry 4, PlayStationLifeStyle got a chance to talk to the Technical Director Cedric Decelle about the games multiplayer.  PlayStationLifeStyle asked whether the game will be a Split-Screen or a Online Co-Op only, to which Decelle replied by saying “online co-op only”. This will answer the question fans have been asking for quite some time now.


PlayStationLifeStyle also asked Decelle about the competitive multiplayer for Far Cry 4 and he replied by saying, “This is a secret for now.” So Ubisoft have something up their sleeve with the competitive multiplayer and hopefully they will reveal their secrets soon.

We can’t count out the possibility of a Split-Screen Co-Op as the game is still in development and there is still a chance for change.

We can expect to see more info regarding the game in August at GamesCom. Hopefully we will see a Co-Op campaign because the idea of 2 players playing together and taking on the enemy sounds a lot more fun than a solo campaign.

Far Cry 4 comes out on the 18th of November and it will be available on the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC.

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