Far Cry 5: Here’s A List Of Easter Eggs In Hope County

While you are on your adventurous yet dangerous journey in Far Cry 5, always be on the look for more than just the usual cultists. A bundle of secret references to some other games, previous references in the Far Cry series and mentions of some other books and movies have been dispersed all over the game’s map. Easter Eggs are not new to Far Cry and have been a part of the game for quite some time. However the Easter Eggs in Far Cry 5 are much harder to locate compared to those in the previous versions of the game. A number of these Easter Eggs will help you find hidden destinations.

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How To Find Some Of The Easter Eggs In Far Cry 5

The Blood Dragon reference was a humorous par of the Far Cry series. You will find the Blood Dragon reference in the game when you go right of the Hope County in Herbane river. There you will see the director Guy Marvel shouting at a couple of his employees. Helping him out will earn you a nice attire as well as start a series of exciting missions.

The late author and screenwriter Ray Bradbury is also given a tribute in the game in the form of Bradbury farms which can by reached if you decide complete some missions in Holland Valley.

Another Easter Egg is in the form of the secret ending of the game. This can be unfolded by not deciding to cuff Joseph seed altogether and the game will end there.

A reference or flashback to Far Cry 2 comes forward in the shape of a book that is found somewhere on the floor of a detainment center in Herbane river reigon. Everyone who might have played Far Cry 2 remembers how much Malaria was a nuisance back then.

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You can Find Hurk, a Gun For Hire, from Far Cry 3 in the Whiteall mountains. At the back of Hurk’s house in the Whiteall Mountains you can come across some boxes that have things which he has collected from all of his journeys.