Far Cry 5 Guide: How To Get Boomer The Dog

Boomer the dog is actually the easiest and most adorable animal character in the Fangs for Hire concept of Far Cry 5. Boomer is one of the first animal friends you can make in Far Cry 5 under the Fangs for Hire concept presented in the game. You cannot miss out on Boomer because he is a gem to have on your team easily in the game. Boomer is a very clever dog who has exceptional navigational skills and so can help you progress in the starting stages of the game. Boomer can also be very helpful in defeating enemies as he can help you disarm your enemies as well as scare off beasts to ease your way for you. However this friendly companion of ours does not have strong health and cannot accompany you when you ride in vehicles since it can’t do that.

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How To Find Boomer The Dog In Far Cry 5

Boomer is very easy to find right in the beginning when you start off your Far Cry 5 journey. Boomer can be very useful and comes in handy on many occasions in Hope County. He is able to make you aware of any nearby dangers, can cleverly kill enemies and also get you new weapons like guns while on the road. Hence, you should set your eyes out to find Boomer as soon as you are done with freeing the Dutch’s Island.

After you’ve freed Dutch’s Island, you will find a cursor on your map indicating Boomer’s location at Rae Rae’s Pumpkin farm. Get to the farm and you’ll find out that Boomer has been put in a cage by cultists who have murdered Rae Rae, Boomer’s previous owner.

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When you get close enough to the cursor on the map, the quest named ‘Man’s best friend’ will start and you will need to kill the cultists present there and set Boomer free. Soon you can play with your new friend, only after he is done grieving for his previous owner Rae Rae.

Making Boomer a part of your team is really this easy and now you can call upon your new dog friend anytime you want through the Gangs for Hire tab in the main menu.