Far Cry 5 Guide: How To Get The Good, Bad And Secret Ending

Far Cry 5 has returned with the multiple endings concepts this time around. You can now choose between three different endings for Hope County. One is the good ending which also called the resist ending. Other one is a bad ending also called the walk away ending and lastly there is the secret ending. All three of these endings are quite ambiguous. You will need to know what exactly happens in each ending and you can successfully unlock each of them in Far Cry 5.

How To Get All 3 Endings In Far Cry 5

Firstly coming to the good ending of Far Cry 5. After you have successfully killed Joseph’s other 3 siblings, you should go back to the same church from where you first started your journey and try to arrest Joseph Seed. Surely, Joseph will not get arrested that easily and so will resist. This will result in a fight and all the friends you made throughout the game will turn on you mainly because they are under the influence of Bliss. However when you kill any of your allies who have recently become your enemies, you can revive them. Reviving them will result in them getting back to their senses and hence they will join your side which will make the rest of the fight pretty easy.

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Now coming to the bad ending of Far Cry 5. If you do not want to start a fight at all then you might want to walk away and leave Joseph and his men behind so they can keep doing their work in Hope County. This is why it is also called the walk away ending because you simply walk away rather than trying to arrest Joseph. When you do this, Joseph decides to forgive you and brushes his forehead against yours.

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The third and final ending of Far Cry 5 is a rather simple one and you can finish the game this way in under ten minutes. When you get to the church, you will want to arrest Joseph straight away. However if you do not react at all during that moment, then the Sheriff will consider the job as done and everyone including you will leave.