Far Cry 5 Guide: How To Get The Magnopulser Weapon

You need to complete certain missions in Far Cry 5 in order to unlock or obtain some items. You can unlock the Magnopulser by completing specific missions in Far Cry 5. Magnopulser is a terrific weapon that you need to find quickly in the game. It is a coveted piece of space weaponry that you can unlock by successfully doing missions for the UFO conspiracy nut Larry Palmer. The Magnopulser does two things for you very efficiently. Firstly it throws bears far away and secondly it instantly boils off the bad guys.

To get your hands on the Magnopulser, you will need to go and search for Larry Palmer in Jacob’s region at Parker labs,west of Fall’s end. You will definitely take notice of Larry Palmer as soon as you reach there because he is stuck inside a giant electrified cage. You can set him free by powering off the generators which will unlock a new mission that will assist him in getting in touch with his outer space alien friends.

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How To Get The Magnopulser Weapon In Far Cry 5

To help Larry get in touch with his alien friends, you will need to first get to a radio tower and disband some ‘listening devices.’ However, be aware of wolves in your way because they can bite you bad. Larry will then tell you to get some alien objects from the crop circles near to the place. The last thing you will have to do is put back on the local power supply and battle out some of Eden’s Gate enemies.

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When all these tasks have been successfully carried out, you will then need to meet Larry at Parker labs and  assist him in activating his Teleporter. This will result in the Magnopulser being yours. The Magnopulser is an extremely powerful weapon that catapults enemies and boils them off into thin air.