Far Cry 5 Guide: How To Locate And Get All The Guns For Hire

Guns For Hire are characters in Far Cry 5 that you get on your team as an ally. Specialists are unique Guns For Hire, characters who own a special set of skills and talents that come with their own customized weapons and are far more better than the normal NPCs. To get these specialists on your team as Guns For Hire, you will have to fulfill a number of tasks for them in order to win them over. You won’t need to level up Specialists like you do with your ordinary fighters. Each Specialist has two perks that are unique and only reside with that specific character. Once they are on your team, they can prove to be very helpful and deadly in your Far Cry 5 journey.

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How To Locate And Get All Guns For Hire in Far Cry 5

First of all we will talk about the Whiteail Mountain Specialists. Hurk Drubman Jr. is the first specialist and he can be found in Fort Drubman on the right side of Jacob’s Reigon. In order to get Hurk Drubman on our side, you will first need to talk to Drubman Sr. which will start the ‘The Prodigal Son’ quest. Here you will have to help Drubman Jr. in saving his father’s campaign truck. The next specialist is Jess Black. You can find him in The Baron Lumber Mill on the right side of Jacob’s Region. You can get him on our side by beginning the quest ‘A Dish Served Cold’ where you will have to help him kill a serial killer as he goes on a mission. Lastly, you can find Cheeseburger in The F.A.N.G Centre based in Jacob’s Region. You can get him on our roster by beginning the quest ‘A Right To Bear Arms’ where you will fish for Cheeseburger and bring him a Salmon.

Now coming to the Holland Valley specialists. Nick Rye can be found in the Rye and Sons Aviation towards the bottom of John’s Region. You will have to begin the mission ‘Wingman’ to rescue his aircraft and fight off cultists in his town. Grace Armstrong can be found in The Lamb of God Church on the left side of John’s Region. You can get her services by beginning the quest ‘Grace Under Fire’ to assist her in defending the Church. Boomer can be found on the Rae-Rae’s Pumpkin Farm in John’s region. Get him on your side by beginning the mission  ‘Man’s Best Friend’ and help him fight off cultists.

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Adelaide Drubman can be found in Drubman Marina, at the top of Faith’s Region. Talk to Adelaide to begin the mission  ‘Friendly Skies’ to destroy three helicopters and save Adelaide’s helicopter. Sharky Boshaw can be found in Moonflower trailer park right in the center of Faith’s Region. Begin the mission ‘Burn. Baby. Burn!’ where you will have to ward off angels to the beat of Disco Inferno. Lastly, you can find Peaches in Peaches Taxidermy in the upper part of Faith’s Region. To get Peaches, you will have to talk to Miss Mable which will start the mission named ‘Here Kitty, Kitty’ in which you will lead Peaches back to her cage and kill some cultists on your journey there.