Far Cry 5: Here’s A Cool Secret That Lets You Meet All The Guns For Hire

The world of Far Cry 5 is extensive and never ending. Just when you think you have uncovered it all, you will be faced with a new challenge or secret that you have never encountered before in Far Cry 5. Similarly, some of the Far Cry players recently discovered a new fun secret in the game. In a previous articles of ours, we gave you all the information you needed to know about Guns For Hire and Easter eggs in Far Cry 5.

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A Cool Secret That Lets You Meet All Guns For Hire

Guns for Hire, as you possibly already know, are supporting characters that you can get on your team as allies. Some Far Cry fans recently discovered a new place called the 8-bit pizza bar as shared on reddit. The real secret thing here is that your Guns For Hire hang out at this 8bit pizza bar when they are not in use.

This bar can be found in the Henbane River region (Faith’s territory). In order to reach this bar, you will have to begin from the prison in the Herbane River region and this shouldn’t be difficult to find in the map since this is a part of a mission already. When you begin from there, you will have to cross the river and get onto an island west of the prison. After this you will get to the other part of the river and you must keep walking until you locate the bar.

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Inside the bar you will get to see all the characters that are on your team as guns for hire and even the local people you just rescued from the streets. You can talk to all the Guns for hire inside the bar and the conversations they make can be actually candid and funny.

Far Cry 5 is available now for the PS4, Xbox One and PC. The game was developed and published by Ubisoft.