Far Cry New Dawn: How to Get Far Cry Credits?

Far Cry New Dawn has a boatload of unlock-able items. Here’s how to get Far Cry Credits to acquire these items.

Ubisoft’s latest title is sequel to Far Cry 5, which similarly is an open world first-person shooter. The game is basically a spin-off of its prequel and has tons of items that you can get your hands on. Unfortunately, the players are going to require Far Cry Credits for these items.

What is Far Cry Credits in Far Cry New Dawn?

Far Cry Credits is an in-game currency for Far Cry New Dawn. Players can use this currency to acquire various items at any garage, helipad, workbench or boat-shed.

Here is how to earn Far Cry Credits in Far Cry New Dawn.

How to get Far Cry Credits in Far Cry New Dawn?

Earning Far Cry Credits in the game is easy and you will find them in certain missions. Moreover, these missions can be found by interacting with NPCs that have a green diamond on the top of their heads. These missions are simply treasure hunts. Alternatively, you can also get Far Cry Credits in Far Cry New Dawn by purchasing it with real money.

Is Far Cry Credits important in Far Cry New Dawn?

The items that are unlocked by this in-game currency are cosmetic only.

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These unlock-able items are mainly skins for your vehicles, weapons, etc. Neither would the players require these items to progress further in the game. This all about Far Cry Credits in Far Cry New Dawn. For anymore questions, leave a comment below.

Far Cry New Dawn is now available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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