Farming Simulator – Nintendo Switch Edition Review

Farming Simulator is exactly the type of game as expected from its name. It provides an insight into the aspect of being a farmer, cultivating your own land, selling the crops and taking care of livestock, which are also basically a source of income. This all sounds like a tedious task in real life, but in the game, you have the ability to play as you need which makes it easier to deal with compared to the real life. It can also end up being addicting to harvest crops, sell them to build your own income.

Farming Simulator for the Nintendo Switch is the first entry that has been released this year. The portable and handled nature of the Nintendo Switch sets it apart from other consoles or handheld platforms. Despite the fact that Farming Simulator is available on a wide variety of hardware, it is ideal to play the game on the Nintendo Switch. Even on the big screen, the game manages to look pretty decent and holds up well against the PS4 and Xbox One version of the game.

If you have played any of the past Farming Simulator games, you won’t have much difficulty with jumping into this one. It basically plays the same offering you two different maps to play around, one in North America and the other in Eastern Europe. You will be able to buy a huge variety of different farming vehicles from popular manufacturers like¬†Challenger, Fendt, Massey Ferguson and Valtra. These vehicles can range from crop harvester to pickup trucks. Of course, this also requires you to generate a stable and increasing income basically letting you micromanage your resources to get the best yield possible.

If you haven’t played Farming Simulator, the game does a great job at teaching the basics with a tutorial in the start, however more tutorials can be found in the game that go even deeper into the various aspects of harvest crops and keeping livestock. They might take a while to complete but are highly recommended because otherwise you will be mostly doing tasks with trial and error without understanding the purpose of each vehicle, which can end up being frustrating if you are newcomer to the series.

Despite offering a huge map, most of your time in the game will be spent tending to your crops. You can attempt to do most of these chores on your own, or you can hire a worker to complete a task. This will cost you a bit of money but it makes multitasking a lot easier to handle. The economy in the game attempts to simulate real life experience so you will need to determine the value of the crops that you are harvesting for a particular season. When a crop is in demand, harvest and selling it will yield the best income. Small things like these is what makes the game so fun.

I haven’t put much time with the games on the PS4 and Xbox One, however compared to the latest version of Farming Simulator, the Switch version feels like it is basically an initial offering on the platform. I remember the same happened with the PS Vita version which was labeled without any year and simply released as Farming Simulator. But it does carry potential of getting equal amount of content to the PS4, Xbox One and PC version of the game with future iterations.

The Nintendo Switch version not only looks great in the handheld mode, testing it out in docked mode, I was impressed by the scalability of the visuals. The aliasing can be distracting but other than that, the game looks nice in either mode. The text can be an issue when you play it in portable since it looks quite small on the screen, but it is not the case for the docked mode. Perhaps a patch can fix out this issue otherwise you might have to squint your eyes just to read some of it.

Farming Simulator – Nintendo Switch Edition Review

Game Reviewed on: Switch

Game description: Take on the challenges of the modern farmer! Explore a huge open world including a detailed North American environment, loaded with farming activities, over hundreds of acres of land.


This is the perfect game to play in short bursts letting your micromanage your own farm and create your enterprise around it.


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