The Fate of Valkyria Chronicles

Valkyria Chronicles was Sega’s first foray with a RPG on PlayStation 3. It opened with mediocre sales but soon become a cult hit and sold close to 1 million copies. As a result, we got two sequels to this gem of a series. Unfortunately, both of them were low-budget, low risk projects and ended up on PlayStation Portable instead of PlayStation 3. So the question is, what is the staff doing nowadays?

As it turns out, they are not working on any Valkyria Chronicles project but instead Sega is utilizing them for various other projects. So what exactly are they working on now?

Ryutaro Nonaka – Producer of Valkyria Chronicles. He is currently producing Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax.

Takaharu Terada – Director of Valkyria Chronicles. He is currently directing Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax.

Kohei Yamashita – Game Designer of Valkyria Chronices. He is currently directing Phantasy Star Nova for PlayStation VITA.
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From this, we can pretty much guess that we won’t be able to see a new Valkyria Chonicles game anytime soon.

While Valkyria Chronicles 2 was localized on PlayStation Portable but unfortunately Valkyria Chronicles 3 never saw the light of day in the West and to date, it remains a Japan exclusive title. It was supposed to be a more direct sequel to the original Valkryia Chronicles instead of Valkryia Chronicles 2.

If Sega can’t bother making a brand new Valkyria Chronicles, perhaps, they can try to at least localize the only remaining game now.

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