FaZe Clan Involved In Latest CS:GO Gambling Scandal

Popular Call of Duty trickshotting clan, and professional esports team, FaZe Clan is the latest victim of the CS:GO gambling controversy, that has been surrounding popular Youtubers recently. A few weeks ago, we heard that famous Youtubers, Tom ‘Syndicate’ Cassell and Trevor ‘TmarTn’ Martin, were the owners of the popular CS:GO gambling website known as CS:GO Lotto. Both, Syndicate and TmaTn, promoted this website, on their channels, without disclosing their ownership, and presented the site to their viewers as a quick and easy way to make money. TmarTn even stated that he ‘found‘ this new website.

The Youtubers known as HonorTheCall was the one who exposed Syndicate and TmarTn. HonorTheCall made a series of videos that revealed Syndicate and TmarTn’s ownership of CS:GO Lotto.

CSGO Lotto FaZe Clan

Yesterday, HonorTheCall exposed FaZe Clan members, FaZe Banks and FaZe Rain, as the owners of CS:GO Wild. On May 26th, FaZe Rain uploaded a video to his channel called “HOW TO WIN $30,000 IN 5 SECONDS”. In the videos, Rain uses CS:GO Wild and bets multiple times, until accumulating a total amount of $30,000. As the owner of the website, Rain is obligated to add a disclaimer to the description of the video. He did not do so, when he first uploaded the video. However, Rain recently changed the title and the description of the video, after Valve issued cease and desist letters to gambling websites. He added a disclaimer to the description which stated that the video was sponsored by CS:GO Wild. CS:GO Wild was one of the main sites that Valve listed in the letter, ordering them to stop their operations within 10 days.


CS:GO Wild recently released a TwitLonger post which tells their side of the story. The owner of CS:GO Wild claimed that no FaZe Clan member owns the website, and that the website is only owned by him and his brother. He also stated that FaZe Banks was a very old friend of his, and helped him find a web designer to help out with the CS:GO Wild website. The owner also made a deal with FaZe Banks and his team at the time, to promote the website.

CS:GO Is Not Giftable During Valve's Steam Summer Sale

CS:GO Wild is one of twenty three websites that Valve specifically addressed in their cease and desist letter. Valve gave the websites exactly 10 days to shut down their operations, or else they would have to take extreme measures.

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