Fez, MLB 14: The Show Confirmed for Spring 2014 Release on VITA, PS Now Later This Year

Sony is a on a roll today with news about PS Vita titles and along with announcements for games like Sly Trilogy, God of War Collection and Borderlands 2 bundle, they have also confirmed MLB 14: The Show, Fez and The Wolf Among Us for release on the PS Vita on Spring 2014. PS Now is also launching on the PS Vita later this year, although the release date is not set in stone yet.

Telltale Games will be bringing their critically acclaimed The Wolf Among Us and The Walking Dead Season 2. While we don’t have a release window for The Walking Dead Season 2, we do know the release window for The Wolf Among Us on the PS Vita,  which is Spring 2014. Other titles that are scheduled for a release during similar time frame include MLB 14: The show, Fez, Borderlands 2,  Metro Co, God of War Collection and the Sly Trilogy.


Sony is also going to release PS Now service for the PS Vita later this year. It will offer a select number of PS3 titles, that we can stream directly to the PS Vita. There is no info on the pricing or list of launch titles although we do have an alleged image, which shows the list of titles that are expected along with a price for the service.

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