Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae: Cherished Frogs Location Guide

Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae has plenty of stuff to do, sidequests to finish, and monsters to hunt. One of the hidden sidequest is to find these cherished frogs that are hidden throughout the whole map.

If you want to find these cherished frogs, you can use our guide to look for them. We have shared screenshots of each of the frog location on the map at the exact same spot. You can use these screenshots to have a much better idea of the location of the frogs. Not to mention the sidequest can reward you about 8000 experience points, which can come in handy before doing the Behemoth hunt.

ffxv-frog-location-1-1024x576 ffxv-frog-location-2-1024x576 ffxv-frog-location-3-1024x576 ffxv-frog-location-4-1024x576 ffxv-frog-location-5-1024x576 ffxv-frog-location-6-1024x576 ffxv-frog-location-7-1024x576 ffxv-frog-location-8-1024x576 ffxv-frog-location-9-1024x576 ffxv-frog-location-10-1024x576

After finding all these frogs, you will get a mini sidequest of taking them back to the main lake in Episode Duscae. This will trigger a short cutscene ending the quest and giving you about 8000 experience points in total. We recommend you spend these points in a Caravan at either Wiz Chocobo Post or the Gas Station.

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