FIFA 14: Just how better is it on PS4 compared to PS3?

With the long-awaited PS4 launch been and gone, and with many gaming fans left disappointed due to there not being enough consoles to go around, we’ve decided to look at one of this year’s latest games, FIFA 14 on PS4 and PS3 and compare the differences.

The next-gen FIFA 14 has had the folks at GearNuke busy for some time, so it’s really good to be able to compare the game on both generations of the PlayStation console. In fact, the differences are mostly slight, and there are only two areas where you might have a noticeably different game:

Graphics Quality

The first thing to report is that – as you’ve probably guessed – the graphics are just that little bit better when playing FIFA 14 on PS4. Simple details, like the way the grass looks on the pitch is really impressive; it’s very crisp and almost looks fresh, like real, just cut grass, which makes the game more satisfying to play. The slow motion effects and rendering of the crowd is also stunningly clear and realistic on the PS4.


Playing the game may be more involving and immersive on the new console, however, the game is still definitely playable on the PS3, and you certainly aren’t missing out on much if you were one of the those who didn’t manage to get hold of a PS4 when it was first released in November last year.

Camera Angle

One thing we were surprised to see when comparing the game on both consoles was a noticeable camera angle shift when playing the PS4. The angle is shallower compared on the PS3 and better matches the angle you might see when watching a real life football match broadcast on TV.

This enhances the gaming experiences and brings just a little bit more of the real world into the game, making it seem a bit like watching a real match, but this time, you are controlling the players. If only it was like that in real life.


The gameplay also feels smoother, and much better. In FIFA 14 Pace is very important to score goals, dribbling won’t get you far this time around. So passing and keeping up speed is the way to go.

These are the three things that we’ve really noticed playing FIFA14 on PS4 and PS3, but do you have anything to add? Let us know in the comments.

Danial Arshad Khan

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