FIFA 14 Ultimate Team getting free World Cup update next week

FIFA 14 Ultimate Team is the most popular multiplayer mode of FIFA 14. In Ultimate Team players have the freedom to make their own teams using players they love. EA recently announced the World Cup update for FIFA 14 Ultimate Team to celebrate the event via (VG247).

As detailed on the official FIFA website the FIFA 14 Ultimate Team update will function as a separate mode, with new player cards and a new chemistry system. Since players won’t be able to use players from their normal Ultimate Team in the World Cup mode, they will obviously have to open packs. EA has announced that every pack opened in World Cup mode will contain a similar pack for the normal Ultimate Team mode.

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Items and players in World Cup mode are also untradable so players can only obtain their favorite players by opening packs. Its a gamble really, as packs can be bought with both coins earned by winning matches and FIFA points bought with real money.


The World Cup mode will contain players, teams, staff and kits from all 32 teams participating in next month’s World Cup in Brazil. The mode will only have tournament play and no seasons as expected. Players will be able to play the tournament both online and offline.


Players will be able to start playing FIFA 14 Ultimate Team World Cup mode on the PS4, PS3, PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One starting May 29th. Are you excited?

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