FIFA 14 for VITA/3DS is the same game with updated kits for $40

FIFA 14 is going to release this week for both 3DS and VITA. The question on everyone’s mind might be if they have added something new this time or just updated kits.

Seeing the previous version of FIFA was basically the same re-skinned version of the game with updated kits, people were hoping that EA had the decency to release a proper update to their next FIFA on handhelds with new gameplay modes and updated engine. As it turns out, is is basically the same game that we have gotten since 2011. It is essentially FIFA Football 2011 for VITA/3DS re-skinned with updated kits as FIFA 14 and being sold for a over-priced $40.

Eurogamer has confirmed that both the VITA and 3DS version are just re-skinned version of the same FIFA game that we got last year, the only new addition is the roster update to each version and the higher price tag.


This brings to light the question why EA even goes for this route. Considering the fact that you can purchase FIFA 13 from PSN for just $20 and get the same game with just slightly out-dated roster, why can’t EA include free updates or sell updated kits as DLCs for the old versions. It doesn’t even make sense since they are essentially asking us $40 to see new updated kits and forcing us to ditch the old version of the game, especially if we want to play with the new roster.

EA has labeled both version of FIFA on handhelds as “Legacy Edition”; they should’ve just labeled them as “Rip-Off edition”

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