Fifa 15 Includes New Mechanics and Features

Moments ago, we saw several new sports games at the EA Press Conference. Some of the sports games were Madden 15, NHL 15 and more. EA’s Executive Producer David Rutter talked about their most popular sports games, Fifa 15. The trailer showcased a few new features and mechanics Fifa 15 will include.

EA Sports has added tons of new mechanics and feature to Fifa 15. Players now have memories of everything that has happened in the match. They don’t make the same mistake twice and they improve and do things differently every time to catch the opposition off guard.


Fifa 15 takes player movement to a whole new level. Players have a lot of new tricks and skills in their arsenal so now you can wriggle your way out of any situation but it won’t be that easy. With new skills and tricks, EA has also improved defensive moves like body blocks, shoulder defense and more. So with these new skills and tricks, EA has given defenders new and improved defensive maneuvers to counter them and regain possession.

The Pitch in Fifa 15 is completely different from previous Fifa games. Now every tackle leaves its mark on the pitch as well as the players. You will be able to see an eroded parts of the pitch as well as kits covered in mud because of the tackles they make. Everything is affected by the game on the pitch, even small things like the corner flag moves when it comes in contact with the ball or a players. EA has paid attention to detail and the trailer showcased that well.


EA has put a lot of time into making the players has lifelike as possible. Players will be completely identical to their real selves. EA has made every player as life like as possible and you can clearly see that in the game.

EA has focuses a lot on the realism of the game. When you play Fifa 15, you will feel as if you are in a real stadium among your supporters. The sights and sound of the game will makes your gaming experience much better and realistic.

Abdullah Raza


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