FIFA 16 PSA: Use your EAS FC Catalogue Bonuses for Free Ultimate Team Coins

The EAS FC Catalogue grants players gifts by playing the game and earning FC Coins. These coins can be used to buy items from the EAS FC Catalogue. The items include Kits, Boots, Balls, Coin Bonuses in Ultimate Team and more.

The EAS FC Catalogue is accessed by Pressing the R3 (PS3, PS4) or Right Analog button (Xbox 360, Xbox One)

If you’re a returning FIFA player, your EAS FC Level should be fairly high already, mine has been max since FIFA 14. Having a high EAS FC Level allows players to purchases items all the way up to Level 50 on the catalogue which is the max level. Since FC Coins and EAS FC Levels carry over from each FIFA game, returning players will have most or all of the Catalogue available to them from the get go.


As I mainly play Ultimate Team what I like to do is purchases the Kits I like, 99 Player Contracts, Extra Squad Slot, Transfer List size increase and Coin Bonuses from the Catalogue.

The Coin Bonuses will not only help you get a good team at the start of the game, but also give you an edge over others who don’t use the EAS FC Catalogue. Below are the list of Coin Bonuses available on the FIFA 16 EAS FC Catalogue and the amount of FC Coins they require:

FIFA 16 Ultimate Team EAFC Coin Bonuses:

FIFA Ultimate Team Coin Bonuses
2 500 FC C 200×5
5 500 FC C 200×5
8 750 FC C 200×10
10 750 FC C 200×10
12 1,250 FC C 200×15
16 1,250 FC C 200×15
18 2,000 FC C 1000×5
20 2,000 FC C 1000×5
22 3,500 FC C 1000×10
25 3,500 FC C 1000×10
30 3,500 FC C 1000×10
35 4,500 FC C 1000×15
40 4,500 FC C 1000×15

I wouldn’t recommend wasting these coins on random players as the bonuses, especially the Level 18 and above, can really help you with trading. So set up a plan and invest in popular players, like a few in the BPL.

Did this tip help you out? Were you using the Coin Bonuses on the EAS FC Catalogue before? Let us know in the comments below.

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