FIFA 16 Ultimate Team – Best Seria A Players Guide

Like every modern FIFA, Ultimate Team will no doubt be the most popular game mode in FIFA 16. In this guide we’ll be focusing on the best players that you can buy in the Seria A. Our list will be ranking the players not on their rating but instead how good they play for their price and how effective they will be in your squads.

The Seria A is probably the best league to start your FIFA 16 Ultimate Team career as the players are crazy good and cheap. Not the most popular league nowadays due to the downfall of teams like AC Milan, the Seria A is often overlooked by the masses who instead go for BPL or Bundesliga teams. Check out the best players in the dark horse Series A league below:

Best Seria A Players in FIFA 16 Ultimate Team



Stevan Jovetic is the perfect False 9 and I’ve been using him regularly since FIFA 13. Great passing and shooting paired with decent dribbling allow Jovetic to be played in a wide variety of roles although I mainly use him as a CF or CAM. He’s also make a great striker in a two striker formation with someone faster or stronger. Some strikers Jovetic could partner well with include Mario Ballotelli from AC Milan and Paolo Dybala from Juventus.



Just look at those stats! Nainggolan looks absolutely insane this year and is definitely one of the best cards in the game. I like to use Nainggolan as part of a three man midfield although he’s able to play superbly as a CAM or CDM as well.



Freddy Guarin has always been OP in FIFA with his super Long Shots and massive Strength. This year he’s been upgraded with additions to all of his stats making him a great overall card. Guarin is perfect for players who want a strong presence in the midfield and are good at taking shots from outside the box



He’s one of the best Center Backs in the Seria A with his 81 Pace coupled with 85 Defending and 82 Physical. His other stats may seem low but remember that he’s a CB and won’t need to shoot or dribble often. Just be careful when you’re handling the ball with him and you’ll be just fine.



Probably the best CAM in the Serie A with perfect stats for the position. Dries Mertens can dribble, shoot, pass and run the wings with his amazing stats and will perform great when played at CAM. You can also play him as a winger with formations that employ wide CAMs. The only downside to Mertens’ card as is every year that he’s very weak with his 42 Strength. You can also get strong links playing Mertens alongside the Napoli CAMs which include Insinge, Callejon and Gabbiadini as they all play great together.

Juan Jesus


JJ is finally gold and he’s still damn OP. Although he’s being played at Left Back this year in real life his card is still a CB and we’re not sure to be happy or sad because of it. Expect everyone with sweaty Seria A squads to use Juan Jesus with his 80 Pace, 80 Defending and 84 Physical. His biggest asset is probably his perfect link to teammate Miranda which would lead to some very exciting squads this year.



Roberto Pereyra has stats that would be perfect for a CM so I would recommend him playing a bit further back. His High/High work rates are great for a CM coupled with 91 Stamina, he’ll be sure to put in an extra shift following the ball from defence to attack. Pereyra also links up nicely with Paolo Dybala with a Perfect Chemistry Link.



Not many Germans in the Seria A but Rudiger is not making their absence felt. He’s a 6’2 CB that is cheap and has great stats for the position. He can also help connect the Seria A to the Bundesliga if you’re into mult-league squads.



He was unaffordable for many last year due to being a 74 rated silver but he’ll be much more affordable this year. Not a standout card by any means, Abate will be used mainly for his ridiculous pace down the right side of the pitch.



Juventus always has great CBs and that depth is why they’re the best team in Seria A. To have players like Barzagli and Caceras on the bench, your team has to be something special.



A completely different beast from a few years ago, Bonucci has come a long way. On form he’s the best CB in the league, even better than his partner Chiellini. I’ve seen him play and his passing and dribbling should be a lot higher as he’s in my opinion only behind Thiago Silva as the best ball playing CB in the world. His long passes and distribution is just amazing and I wish that was represented on his card, maybe next year?



Melo the destroyer is back from the Turkish League and his card is a great addition to the league. Not only are his stats and work rates some of the best for a CDM, but he also gets a perfect link to JJ and Miranda completing the Brazilian-Inter trifecta.



Great all-round stands makes Zuniga the best LB to use in the Seria A.

Bruno Peres

fifa-16-peresNot many RWB’s in the game but Bruno Peres makes quite the splash. He’s great to use in both 3 at the back and 4 at the back formations with decent overall stats and blistering pace. He also has 81 Long Shots so letting one rip from distance will be a valid strategy when using Peres.

Samir Handanovic


My favourite goalkeeper in the Seria A has to be Handanavic. He’s tall and has great stats. He was great in FIFA 15 so I saved up coins to get him at the very beginning of FIFA 16. He’s great for the price and is in opinion the best overall goalkeeper in the league.

Inter Milan this year has some great cheap cards as seen by the list. Do note that there are other great players in the league as well but I mainly listed the cheap beasts or players I personally liked. What are your favourite players in the Seria A? Let us know in the comments below.

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