FIFA 16 will add vanishing spray to set pieces

One of the most wanted items on the FIFA wishlist since last year was vanishing spray. These fans will be delighted to know that this feature will be available for referees to use in the new FIFA 16 game. This spray is used in football matches by referees on grounds to temporarily mark or outline points on the field. It used to mark the points from which free kicks in a match are taken as well as the distance the defending team must stand away from the ball.

FIFA 16 will allow its referees to use this feature during free kicks in the game. The image below depicts the referee using the vanishing spray on the field to mark the defending team’s players distance from the ball for the free kick.

Morocco Soccer Club World Cup

The newest addition of the FIFA series, FIFA 16 will also include changes and refinements to game-play and balance as well as women’s football. It will be in the hands of its fans in September 22 for the US, 24th for EU and Australia and 25th for those in the UK. The game will be available on PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC as well as a mobile version for iOS and Android.

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