FIFA 18 Demo Release Date And Download Size Leaked – Rumor

EA Sports is going to release a free demo for FIFA 18 before its launch on September 29th. The demo hasn’t been officially confirmed for a release date yet but the official Xbox Live store has now apparently listed the release date for the demo. The listed date is for September 15th so the game should be available to download ahead of its launch on September 29th.

EA Sports is also actively promoting some of the new features in FIFA 18. They have revealed all of the FIFA 18 Icons and also slightly altered the official boxart of the game. The game has also received some leaks that confirm the FUT rewards that are expected from the final game, although the actual rewards are nowhere representative of what you will get in the game.

FIFA 18 will also feature plenty of new skills, dynamic crowd and substitutions among other things. It is being developed on the same EA DICE’s Frostbite Engine. FIFA 18 will also launch for the Nintendo Switch and EA Sports has announced their support for the Switch version of the game with FUT. The Switch version of the game is different from the PS4 and Xbox One release because it uses a different custom engine and also lacks the story mode called FIFA Journey.

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