FIFA 18 Demo Is Out Today; Here’s When You Will Be Able To Download It

FIFA 18 is finally getting a public demo today. While the full game won’t be out until September 29th, the demo should be available to download starting today. Just like the past FIFA demos, it will be a global release for the demo and it should be available to download in most of the major countries at approximately 1 AM UK time.

The download link for the demo on the PlayStation Store should be accessible from here. It is not available to download yet so the link is not working right now, but once the store is updated, you can expect the demo to show up there.

The first details about the demo were leaked through a store listing and the download size was also detailed with it. Although this rumor turned out to be false with the release date of the demo being likely a placeholder. The download size has yet to be seen but we might find out once the store link goes link on the Xbox Live and PlayStation Store.

FIFA 18 is the second game that is being developed on the Frostbite Engine. It is currently confirmed for the PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch. The game will also feature a story mode called FIFA: The Journey but it won’t be available on the Nintendo Switch, although the Switch version of the game will support FIFA Ultimate Team.

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