FIFA 18: Full List Of All New Celebrations From Players

FIFA 18 will feature many new gameplay mechanics as it is the case with each yearly update of the game. In the case of FIFA 18, you can now have a look at the dynamic substitution system, immersive crowd and pitch and the new player icons that have been added to FIFA 18. In addition to this, the recently launched closed beta test videos have also revealed all of the new celebrations done by each of the player in the game.

For FIFA 18, most of the new celebrations feel pretty tame and there might be some controversial one like a player dabbing after scoring a goal, but they are still fun to watch nonetheless. Check all of them in the video below.

Keep in mind that these videos are from the closed beta so the gameplay that they show might not be representative of the final version of the game. The same thing applies to things like player stats and other features. Meanwhile if you are interested to see how to invoke these celebrations, reddit user MrRazB has compiled a list for Xbox One controls based on the video above.

“The X” = LB + R downdown

“Walk like me” = LB +R leftright

“Dybala Mask” = LB+ R up up

“Griezmann Cellphone” = LT X

“Hypnotise” = LT Y

“Workout” = LT XX

“Stir the Pot” = LT YY

“Mannequin” = LT hold R up

“Flute” = LT R up up

“Giroud Scorpion” = LT R left right

“Waddle” = LT spin R anti clock

FIFA 18 will be out on PS4, Xbox One and PC on September 29th. It is also announced for the Nintendo Switch and this will be the first time the game is coming to a portable with the support of FIFA FUT with it. The game is being developed by EA Sports using the Frostbite Engine by EA DICE.

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