FIFA 18: Here’s When You Will Be Able To Get Early Access Download To Full Game

FIFA 18 is available on September 29th but EA Sports will release an Early Access to the full version for those who have an active EA Access or Origin Access membership. The early access for registered users of EA’s own subscription service will start on September 21st. The download for the early access users should go live as the day officially starts so make sure you keep checking the EA Access app on Xbox One or Origin Access on PC on September 21st so you can download the game before the servers are clogged thanks to the rush.

While EA Access or Origin Access users will be able to play the full game before launch, they are limited by a timer that is restricted to jut 10 hours for the game. There might be other limitations for users but nothing has been confirmed for it.

FIFA 18 will be also the first game in the series to offer an early access to the full game. This access is available to those who have pre-ordered either the Icon edition or the Ronaldo edition of the game. If you are one of these users, you will get full access to the final game on September 26th, or around 3 days early from the official release date.

FIFA 18 is set to launch on September 29th for the PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch.

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