FIFA 18 Users Are Reporting Issues With Updating EAS FC Catalogue

FIFA 18 has just received its World Cup expansion ahead of the official event. The game is still played by millions of fans worldwide as we are eagerly anticipating the announcement for the next FIFA game at the upcoming E3 2018.

FIFA 18 users are reporting this issue tonight that seems to have been acknowledged by EA Sports Support. The official Twitter account has shared a statement from the developers acknowledging the issue and that they are looking into fixing it as soon as possible.

“I just got word that the Fifa 18 development team is aware of this, so they are investigating this. Thanks for the info, this should be resolved soon.”

In case you haven’t really played FIFA 18, this Catalogue is an important aspect of the game that basically acts as its economy. It lets you store and trade Football Club Credits. It is also used to track the experience.

FIFA 18 is available to play now on the PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. All these platforms received a major free content update at the end of last month that has added the World Cup expansion to the game. This expansion is the first time EA Sports has released a free World Cup update for the game since previously they used to release a custom edition of FIFA 18 with World Cup expansion included with it.

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