FIFA 18 Squad Battles: Match Points, Goal And Skill Bonus Explained

Squad Battles are the a great addition to the FIFA 18 Ultimate Team this year and they require you to complete the matches with some skills. You will need to aim for the top ranking if you want to achieve some great rewards.

There are a variety of ways to achieve a higher ranking in the FIFA 18 Squad Battles. These will require you to login into your FIFA account and play these squad battles daily. These battles can also carry over to a new day so if you miss out on any particular day, you will be able to start from that day once you try the squad battles.

The points that you can accumulate at the end of Squad Battles depend on a variety of factors including the difficulty, skill bonus and goals. There is a handy guide shared on reddit which goes in detail on how each of the point is calculated after each match.

Here’s How To Earn Points In FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Squad Battles

Complete a Match: 220 to 305 points (depends on difficulty and Chem, Team Rating & Skill Level of opponent)

Match result: Winning rewards with 200 points while a loss rewards with 50

Skill bonus: (Note: These are all estimates by the player)

  • Goals (40 points per goal, max 5 goals)
  • Pass Accuracy (80 Points max, 1 point per % of accuracy)
  • Possession (60 Points max, 1 point per % of possession)
  • Shots on Target (50 Points max, 5 points per SoT)
  • Clean Sheet (75 Points)
  • Goal Conceded (-20 points per goal)
  • Corners (5 points per corner)
  • Tackles (1 point per tackle capped at 20)

Points deducted: 

  • Foul (5 points per foul)
  • Cards
  • Offsides


  • Ultimate = 160 Points per goal (800 Total Points)
  • Legendary = 140 Points per goal (700 Total Points)
  • World Class = 100 Points per goal (500 Total Points)
  • Professional = 60 Points per goal (300 Total Points)
  • Semi-Pro = 40 Points per goal (200 Total Points)
  • Amateur = 20 Points per goal
  • Beginner = 10 Points per goal

Difficulty Bonus:

  • Ultimate – 2.6
  • Legendary – 2.1
  • World Class – 1.6
  • Professional – 1.0
  • Semi-Pro – 0.7
  • Amateur – 0.6
  • Beginner – 0.5

The points that you earn by completing a match, match result and skill bonus are multiplied depending on the difficulty that you are currently playing in squad battles. These are then used to obtain a ranking that offers different rewards depending on the rank.

FIFA 18 will be released on September 29th for the PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch.

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