FIFA 18 Ultimate Team: This new Tigres kit is quite amazing

Choosing your kit in FIFA Ultimate Team is the ultimate personal statement for many, with some choosing their favourite teams while others opting for the meme factor. Me being part of the later group just came across the kit ill be choosing at the start of FIFA 18 Ultimate Team.

The kit is of the club Tigres FC, part of the Mexican LIGA MX. Check it out below:

The kit is also available in pink if you prefer that.

Can’t wait to see it in action but there’s just one issue with this kit, it looks like a pyjama. Sorry if you can’t get it out of your mind now. Both kits are bronze cards in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team so expect them to be cheap but on the relatively expensive side as far as bronze cards go due to the “meme factor”.

What do you think of the kit? Will you be choosing it in FIFA 18? Let us know.

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