FIFA 19: Full List of All Skill Moves, Combos, Tricks And Best 5-Star Skill Players

FIFA 19 is gonna revitalize your love for pulling off 5-Star Skills once again this year.

FIFA 19 is available now as part of early access if you have the champions or ultimate edition of the game. It is also available to play on the EA Access and Origin Access if you have a valid membership on Xbox One or PC.

In FIFA 19, you can use skill moves which are always tricky to pull. Every new FIFA brings in a new set of skill moves and this is no different for FIFA 19, which also uses a lot of old ones.

Complete List of All 1 to 5-Star Skill Moves In FIFA 19

You can find a list of every skill move in FIFA 19 below. This ranges from the basic 1-star skill moves to tricks and combos. For a detailed summary of the player ranking and weakness, check out this article.

Note: For Xbox One or PC, simply replace the controls with the following.

A = Cross
B = Circle
X = Square
Y = Trianle
L1 = LB
L2 = LT
R1 = RB
R2 = RT

All FIFA 19 1-Star Skill MovesHow To Use
Ball Juggle (while standing)L2 (hold) + R1 (tap)
Foot Fake (while standing)R1 (hold)
Open Up Fake Shot LeftHold L1 + Square (or circle), then X + Move Left
Open Up Fake Shot RightHold L1 + Square (or circle), then X + Move Right
Flick Up For VolleyR3
All FIFA 19 2-Star Skill MovesHow To Use
Body Feint RightRS right (flick)
Body Feint LeftRS left (flick)
Stepover RightRS to top, rotate top to right
Stepover LeftRS to top, rotate top to left
Reverse Stepover RightRS to right, rotate to up
Reverse Stepover LeftRS to left, rotate to up
Ball Roll RightRS right (hold)
Ball Roll LeftRS left (hold)
Drag Back (while standing)R1 + LS down (flick)
All FIFA 19 3-Star Skill MovesHow To Use
Heel FlickRS up, down (flick)
Roulette RightRS to bottom, rotate RS 270° through left
Roulette LeftRS to bottom, rotate RS 270° through right
Fake Left and Go RightRS to left, rotate bottom to right
Fake Right and Go LeftRS to right, rotate bottom to left
All FIFA 19 4-Star Skill MovesHow To Use
Ball Hop (while standing)R3 (tap)
Heel to Heel FlickRS up, down (flick)
Simple RainbowRS down, up, up (flick)
Advanced RainbowRS down (flick), up (hold), down (flick)
Feint Left and Exit RightRS to left, rotate through bottom to right
Feint Right and Exit LeftRS to right, rotate through bottom to left
Spin LeftRS to bottom left (45°) x2
Spin RightRS to bottom right (45°) x2
Stop and Turn Left (while running)RS up (flick), left (flick)
Stop and Turn Right (while running)RS up (flick), right (flick)
Ball Roll Cut LeftRS left (hold), LS left (hold)
Ball Roll Cut RightRS right (hold), LS right (hold)
Fake Pass (While Standing)Hold R2 + Square or Circle, the X
Lane Change LeftHold L1 + move Right Stick Left (Hold)
Lane Change LeftHold L1 + move Right Stick Right (Hold)
Three Touch RouletteHold L2 + Flick Right Stick Down, then flick Right stick in direction you want to move
Drag Back Spin LeftRight Stick Flick Down then Left
Drag Back Spin RightRight Stick Flick Down then Right
All FIFA 19 5-Star Skill MovesHow To Use
ElasticoRS to right then rotate through bottom to left
Reverse ElasticoRS to left then rotate through bottom to right
Quick Ball Rolls (while standing)RS down (hold)
Hocus PocusRS to bottom, rotate through bottom to left, then rotate from left through bottom to right
Triple elasticoRS to bottom, rotate through bottom to right, then rotate from right through bottom to left
Ball Roll & Flick Left (while running)RS left (hold), up (flick)
Ball Roll & Flick Right (while running)RS right (hold), up (flick)
Sombrero Flick (while standing)RS up, up, down (flick)
Turn & Spin LeftRS up, left (flick)
Turn & Spin RightRS up, right (flick)
Ball Roll Fake Left (while standing)RS left (hold), right (flick)
Ball Roll Fake Right (while standing)RS right (hold), left (flick)
Rabona Fake (while jogging)L2 + Square/O, X + LS down
Elastico Chop LeftHold R1, left stick (roll)
Elastico Chop RightHold R1, right (roll)
Spin FlickHold R1 + RS Flick Up then Left or right
Flick OverHold RS stick up
Tornado SpinHold L1 + RS Flick Up then Left or Right
Laces Flick UpL2 + R1 (hold)
Sombrero Flick BackwardsHold LS to bottom
Sombrero Flick LeftHold LS to left
Sombrero Flick RightHold LS to right
Around the worldRS spin around (clockwise or anti-clockwise)
In Air ElasticoRS right, left (flick)
Reverse In Air ElasticoRS left, left (flick)
Flick Up For VolleyHold LS to up
Chest FlickHold LS to up, press L3 Tap R3 x3
T. Around the WorldRotate RS clockwise then RS up (flick)

Complete List of Players that Can Perform All 5-Star Skills in FIFA 19

Not every player can perform the high-level skills that are available in FIFA 19. To get the best out of the game, you can try to get the following characters which can perform every skill listed in this guide. Some of these are legendary icons that are not available in a regular team.

Player NameFootball Team
IlsinhoPhilidelphia Union
Jordan BotakaSint-Truidense
Gary Mackay-StevenAberdeen
Jayden SanchoBorussia Dortmund
Alexandru MaximMainz 05
Élton José Xavier GomesAl-Qadisiyah
Aiden McGeadySunderland
Martin ØdegaardViesse
Sam LarssonFeyenoord
Matias FernandezClub Necaxa
Omar AbdulrahmanAl-Hilal
Vinícius JúniorReal Madrid
Yannick BolasieAston Villa
Carlos VillanuevaAl-Ittihad
Eljero Eliaİstanbul Başakşehir
David Neres CampoAjax
Vincent AboubakarPorto
Ignacio PiattiMontreal Impact
NaniSporting CP
Marcos AcuñaSporting CP
Santi CazorlaVillarreal
Xherdan ShaqiriLiverpool
Jesus CoronaPorto
Stephan El ShaarawyRoma
Federico BernderschiJuventus
Gelson MartinsAthletico Madrid
Willfried ZahaCrystal Palace
MarlosFC Shakhtar Donetsk
Kingsley ComanBayern Munich
Quincy PromesSevilla
Memphis DepayLyon
Juan CuadradoJuventus
Di MariaPSG
Ricardo QuaresmaBeşiktaş J.K.
Riyad MahrezManchester City
Franck RiberyBayern Munich
Zlatan IbrahimovicLA Galaxy
Douglas CostaJuventus
Thiago AlcântaraBayern Munich
Kylian MbappePSG
Paul PogbaManchester United
Philippe CoutinhoBarcelona
Marcelo VieiraReal Madrid
Cristiano RonaldoJuventus
Jay-Jay OkochaFIFA 19 ICON
Roberto BaggioFIFA 19 ICON
RonaldinhoFIFA 19 ICON
Johan CruyffFIFA 19 ICON
RonaldoFIFA 19 ICON
Diego MaradonaFIFA 19 ICON

FIFA 19 is available to download now on the PC, PS4, Xbox One through early access and will launch on September 28th for the Nintendo Switch in addition to the other platforms.

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