FIFA 19 Daily Rewards Are Back On Web App

EA Sports has finally fixed the daily rewards issues with FIFA 19 Web App and now users can claim it.

FIFA 19 launched as part of the early access through EA and Origin Access and it was also available for all the Ultimate Edition users. The game is now finally playable on the PS4 after being available on the PC and Xbox One for a while now. Retail copies of the game were also leaked a week early than the official release date.

FIFA 19 Web App launched a couple days ago but the daily rewards were messed up and not working for many users. EA Sports promised a fix for it and today it has been applied, which has resulted in the daily rewards to get working again. If you want to claim your reward, log into the FIFA 19 Web App and then claim it.

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Some FIFA 19 fans are now claiming that the rewards were nerfed, but it doesn’t seem to apply to everyone. For the first daily reward, players are reporting getting bronze or silver pack but we will have to wait to see how these rewards are given across the course of the game’s launch. It is still early to call it nerfed or a downgrade from FIFA 18.

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