FIFA 19 Street Release Date Broken, putting latecomers at a disadvantage

FIFA 19 Street Release Data has been broken a week in advance which means release players are put at a disadvantage in Ultimate Team.

Retailers in the Middle East and several European countries have broken the release date for FIFA 19 which releases later this month on the 28th of September worldwide. While investigating we concluded only the PS4 Standard and Champions Editions are available for purchase right now.

Retailers are gauging up prices for the games, selling the Standard Edition for upwards of $80 and the Champions Edition for $110 while it usually retails for $80.

Usually there is no problem for most gamers for retailers breaking the street date other than spoilers but in the case of FIFA 19, a majority of players are put at a disadvantage.

FIFA Ultimate Team is the most played mode in the game and people who have the game before release will be able to buy high rated players at low prices due to the in-game economy not being inflated with an excess influx of coins. Release players could be expected to pay 10-50x the price players who got the game early are paying.

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FIFA 19 releases on September 28, 2018 for PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch.

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