FIFA 21 PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X & S release date announced, is later than expected

EA Sports officially announced today the release date for FIFA 21 on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X & S. The release date for the game in further down the line than expected, as many were hoping that the world’s most popular football game would be available for users on the both the console’s launches. Unfortunately that won’t be the case with FIFA 21 officially releasing for the PS5 and Xbox One X & S on December 4, 2020.

FIFA 21 is part of EA’s Dual Entitlement program which will allow you to upgrade your PS4 copy to the PS5 and the Xbox One version to the Xbox Series X & S versions. The upgrade will be free and all you will need to do is insert the previous generation console versions’ disc into your new console. Digital versions of the game will just require you to download the game from the PSN or Microsoft Store from your new console.

Although EA has made a handy page here with some common question and answers all you need to keep in mind is that the program is only for those upgrading from the same family of consoles, so no PS4 to Xbox Series X upgrades here. You’ll also be able to play FIFA 21 on your last-gen console after upgrading which is certainly nice. All progress including players, items, coins, match records, etc will be stored in the cloud allowing you to keep a peace of mind that your progress is being recorded no matter where you’re playing.

Gonna be a long two weeks wait as I was planning on starting my FIFA 21 campaign on the next-gen consoles, even though I have the game on PS4 since release. Alas the Dual Entitlement program is certainly nice and I’m glad we won’t have a repeat of the Control fiasco.

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