FIFA World Cup 2014 Coming Soon

A new Fifa World Cup brings a new FIFA World Cup game. 4 years ago, EA Sports released ‘2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa’. 2010 Fifa World Cup South Africa was one of the best FIFA games in my opinion. EA Sports are doing it again. EA Sports is set to release it’s official game of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, inventively named “2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil” on the Xbox 360 and PS3, April 15th. Controversially there are no PC, Xbox One or PS4 version in development as of yet.

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Producer Matthew Prior stated the issue of no next-gen development saying that “due to the international appeal of the game, they expect the vast majority of fans to be playing on current-gen systems. Emerging markets, such as host nation Brazil, had prohibitively low next-gen adoption rates” which makes sense as in Brazil they cost more than a Car.

The new title features an updated version of the impact engine which is used in the current FIFA title, FIFA 14. Other aspects of the game such as passing, dribbling have been improved and there is a more sympathetic fist-touch mechanic.

Aside from the new mechanics, the game introduces new game modes and some old favorites too. The game modes are Road to the FIFA World Cup, Story of Qualifying, Story of Finals, Road to Rio de Janeiro and Captain Your Country and Online FIFA World Cup.

A new dynamic, which I think is pretty cool, EA introduced which shows a broadcast of fans at home. For example, when you score a goal, the camera will cut to neighborhood or a town square where hundreds of people are watching that match and they start celebrating.

EA try to make there games as realistic as possible. To stay true to their ways, 19 International managers have also lent their likeness to the game. These include Roy Hudson, Luis Felipe Scolari and Joachim Löw to name a few.

Will it be a huge success or a complete fail? Will it be a complete game or an add-on? What are your thoughts on the game?

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